I paid a visit to Hong Kong Tourism Board Office in Suntec City Singapore, before went back to office. I didn’t notice there is Hong Kong Tourism Office here in Singapore until been told by Soo Yee.

The office is very quite, with no visitors. However, it has a lot of brochures and leaflets about Hong Kong, although not as many as in Malaysia Tourism Office in Shenton Way.

Hong Kong Tourism Board Office is located at:

9 Temasek Boulevard
#34-03 Suntec Tower Two
Singapore 038989

It’s way of the main human traffic flow, actually it’s located in an office building block. That may answer why few visit there, although Hong Kong is one of top travel destinations for Singaporeans.

  • Chai.sy

    Yesterday 29th April when I was in HK I purchase a jacket in Sogo (causewaybay) I paid cash HK3,299.00.The sales girl told me that they do not has the jacket in the outlet she has to take it from the store house and has to wait for one to two days. As I was going back to Singapore so I arrange with my niece( my niece is residing in HK) to pick up the jacket behalf of me when the stock arrive.
    Less than half an hour later I wanted to have a refund because I realised the jacket after coverting to Singapore dollar was very expensive.The sales girl refused for a refund even the Sogo service manager also said no refund.My argument with them is yes I paid for the item but item was not deliver yet why no refund?
    HK is a first world country why do not have a cooling down period for customers to have change of mind asking for refund within 3 days with receipt. Most of the develop country including Singapore have refund policy in most of the shopping centre including supermarket and HK is a shopping haven and yet the shopping centre to not pratice refund policy to protect tourist especially sogo such a big shopping centre.I am very disappointed.