Halong Bay Tour Package Selection Guides and Tips

With so many tour operators and travel cafes / agencies operating tours to the vast Halong Bay, confusion tends to arise. It’s especially so when the price for the tour packages can range from USD $16 to over USD $100. Here is my observation and guide on how to best enjoy and get the best value out of the Halong Bay trip.

Disclaimer: This article is solely based on my observation and experience on the time of my visit. It may be incorrect or becomes incorrect as time passed.
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Lunch at Thang Long Restaurant

Thang Long Restaurant
We reached Bai Chay of Halong City at about 11 am, earlier than usual. Later we had lunch at Thang Long air-conditioning restaurant. It’s a hot day today. There were souvenirs sold here too, and the price just a bit more expensive than Hanoi, if you’re not good in bargaining.

Chat on the Junk

Chat on Junk
Today boat trip of Halong Bay was my biggest consent, as most Sinh Cafe or Open Tour tour package just stated that ‘the junk will bring you to tour other part of Halong Bay’ without any specific destination. So it turned out to be my nightmare, the junk simply brought us back to Bai Chay (Halong City) along the longer route across Halong Bay, with no stoppage at anywhere. So we can just sat on the junk and have a nice chat, other than appreciate the wonder of nature beauty.