Bien Mo Junk Cabin

Junk Cabin
There were 8 cabins on Bien Mo Junk, 4 on each side of the junk. The cabin was very small, with just a fan (which unusable since they switched off power after midnight), and a small attached bathroom. Hot water was not working too.

Dinner ON Halong Bay

Dinner at Halong Bay
We were promised romantic candle light dinner, and again, it’s not fulfilled, candle no where to be seen. Anyway, the environment was pretty romantic on dim light and dark surrounding, and the fact that we’re in the heart of Halong Bay now, surrounding by ‘dragon’, according to legend.
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Hang Sung Sot Grotto (Cave of Surprises)

Hang Sung Sot
Although our itinerary supposed to be Thien Cung (Celestial Place) and Dau Go Grotto (Cave of the Wooden Stakes), we were brought to Hang Sung Sot Grotto (Cave of the Surprises) instead. It’s one of the 3 most popular caves in Halong Bay, and requires separate ticket from the first 2 caves. It’s discovered by French on 1901, and is on the same Bo Hon island with Trinh Nu Grotto (Virgin Cave), but our guide never brought us there.
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