Cherry Blossom Watching in Seoul Korea

Cherry blossom is one of the main attraction to Japan in Spring season. But Japan is not the only place to watch the beautiful scenery of cherry blossom. Able to view full blossom of cherry blossom trees while travelling to South Korea, the country that getting more visits and more popular on the radar to tourists due to overwhelming popularity of Korean dramas and movies such as Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum), Full House, Winter Sonata and etc, must be a welcome added bonus.

The Korea Herald listed several places around Seoul, the capital of South Korea, that are the more popular and best place for cherry blossom viewing. Exceprt below:

Where to see cherry blossom in Seoul
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Destination Bali?

It’s since a long time I have travelled with my family together. So when Wai Ling told me that she was trying to book the air tickets to Macau for her parents, I was very keen to bring my parents too to travel together too.

But too bad, the AirAsia zero fare promotion is extremely hot popular, with most date on the Kuala Lumpur – Macau sector no longer has any free air tickets available.
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