Cherry Blossom Watching in Seoul Korea

Cherry blossom is one of the main attraction to Japan in Spring season. But Japan is not the only place to watch the beautiful scenery of cherry blossom. Able to view full blossom of cherry blossom trees while travelling to South Korea, the country that getting more visits and more popular on the radar to tourists due to overwhelming popularity of Korean dramas and movies such as Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum), Full House, Winter Sonata and etc, must be a welcome added bonus.

The Korea Herald listed several places around Seoul, the capital of South Korea, that are the more popular and best place for cherry blossom viewing. Exceprt below:

Where to see cherry blossom in Seoul

Driving to work in the past week has become something of a pleasure. Each morning, there seems to be new colors, flowers that have seemingly bloomed over night. The city, more famous for its grey haze, has suddenly come alive with yellow forsythias, creamy magnolias, pink rhododendrons, red azaleas and pink-white cherry blossoms.

Of all the spring flowers, cherry blossoms are the most short-lived. They are here one day and after a few weeks, or even less if there is an April shower as the petals scatter in the wind like snowflakes and fall to the asphalt like confetti.

Although cherry blossom trees are virtually everywhere, there are several places around Seoul that have become famous for the annual spring rite of passage that is cherry blossom viewing.

Yunjeongno on Yeouido is perhaps one of the best known places in town for the delicate flowers. This time of the year, the 5.7 km stretch of road is barely passable due to the crowds that throng there to appreciate the impressive tunnel of flowers created by 40 year-old trees totaling 1,400 in number. Office workers from Yeouido, the financial hub known as Seoul’s Manhattan, come here to view the cherry blossoms in the evenings as the light-colored flowers brighten up the night.

Mt. Nam has a ring of cherry blossom tress encircling it. Drive along the road lined with cherry blossom trees and enjoy the panoramic cityscape unfolding below. On a windy day, thousands of transparent pink petals blowing in the wind as you drive is a unique experience. Of course, if you have more time to spare, hiking up the mountain is the best way to enjoy the spring flowers. The 7.5 km route from the National Theater in Jangchung-dong to Seoul Tower is lined with some 2,000 cherry blossom trees.

Samcheong Park in Samcheong-dong, northern Seoul, boasts cherry blossom trees in a natural setting. If cherry blossom tunnels created by planting the trees along roadside seem too artificial, Samcheong Park is the place to go.

Children’s Grand Park in Neungdong, northeastern Seoul, also boasts some of the finest cherry blossom trees. If you are in your 30s and 40s, you will remember going on school field trips to this park in springtime. Young children will appreciate the opportunity to run in the wide expanse of green grass between the arching cherry blossom boughs.

The park is holding its 2006 Wildflowers Festival today through May 21 and will stay open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. during the festival period.

If you want to treat your palate as well as your eyes, head to the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel in Gwangjang-dong, northeastern Seoul. Set on Achasan in the eastern end of the city, the hotel is hosting a flower festival, “Spring Waltz” through May 7. The area around the Pizza Hill restaurant is transformed into an outdoor cafe and restaurant from noon to 10 p.m. There are band performances and balloon art shows that will delight the children.