Boarding New World First Ferry to Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui

We went to Hong Kong on Friday, it’s weekdays that had less visitors and ferry passengers. So we went through immigration and custom clearance very fast with almost no queue. After passing the ticket checking booth, it’s a short distance walk to the ferry pier to board the catamarans.

New World First Ferry
The catamaran of New World First Ferry

Inside the ferry of New World First Ferry
Inside the ferry is rows of seat just like the seat in economy class of airplane, with little bigger size, better cushion and more legroom seat. But I felt it’s much more comfortable than sitting on plane. In our ship I didn’t see any overhead lockers for luggage, so we have to put our big item luggages to the storage space provided at the bow and stern.

The ferry journey from Macau to Hong Kong took about 1 hour. It’s pretty excited as it’s my first time to Hong Kong.