Cheap TurboJet Jetfoil and New World First Ferry Tickets

Hong Kong is separated by 65km of sea water from Macau, and currently there are currently 2 companies that operates high-speed jetfoil ferry and catamaran transport service between Hong Kong and Macau. The travel times between Hong Kong and Macau normally takes around 1 hour.

Turbojet operates three types of vessels from the ferry terminal in Macau to Shun Tak Centre in Hong Kong, and vice versa. Economy class fare from Macau to Hong Kong costs HK$142 on weekdays, HK$154 on weekends or public holidays and HK$176 for night services (from 6.15pm to 6.30am). The ferry tickets from Hong Kong to Macau costs HK$4 cheaper. Beside, Turbojet also offers Senior (age 60 or above) and children (age below 12) HK$15 off per ticket. The services are almost 24 hours, except the gap between 4am and 6am.
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AirAsia Service Standard

We boarded AirAsia flight AK50 scheduled at 10.30 pm to Macau. The flight was delayed for about 20 minutes, much shorter than I thought. It seems to me that AirAsia’s flights have became much punctual nowadays, as some of the passengers who took the AirAsia’s flights regularly told me. When I travelled to Sabah, Malaysia in 2001, the flights that we took were delayed for 3 hours – to and back!

When on the plane, the chief stewardess apologized for the delay, and then the pilot repeated the apologize again for the flight delay. It would be better if they can replace the apologize with some hot drinks or snacks. 🙂
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Travel Itinerary Plan?

Travel itinerary in Hong Kong and Macau? What’s the places that you plan to travel? That’s among the first questions that pointed to me when I met up with my family to catch the AirAsia’s flight to Macao.

But I don’t have any plan to visit what places or fixed itinerary in mind, although I do have some ideas about what’s the more popular tourist destinations in Hong Kong and Macao that consider to be ‘must-visit’, such as The Peak, Avenue of Stars at Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, “World

Booked EastSpider Hotel with HostelWorld

After searching around the web and forums such as Virtual Tourist, I finally made the reservation of the hotel, or rather hostel that we’re going to stay in Hong Kong. It’s EastSpider Hostel, which I booked from HostelWorld.

It’s a hard decision to select the hotel to stay, as I am travelling with my parents. so it’s not advisable if the conditions and safety of the hotel is too bad. And Chungking Mansions and Mirador Mansions are notoriously cheap yet cramp, dirty and safety standard in doubt.
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Lonely Planet Hong Kong & Macau Travel Guide

Bought Lonely Planet Hong Kong & Macao Travel Guide at MPH for SGD $35.70, due to hand itchy. Expensive, but cheaper if compare with Lonely Planet guide books on other more exotic destination.

I personally prefer Lonely Planet as I feel that it’s more straight to the point and simple. For in-depth reading and detail background information about a destination, I would look to The Rough Guide or Footprints Travel Guide, which usually bulkier than Lonely Planet. For Hong Kong and Macao, I found a lot of guide books written in Mandarin and Cantonese too in National Library of Singapore, which provides lots of useful information from different perspective from English guide books.
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Hotels in Hong Kong

Been busy with works lately, I just had some time to browse and search for hotel to stay in Hong Kong. Singapore-based forum Hardwarezone has a few long and detailed threads about tips and information of visiting Hong Kong. In those thread, forumers recommend lots of hotels to choose from.

Free and Easy package to Hong Kong seems like a more common choice, where travel agency or tour operator will arrange for you the air tickets and accommodation so that you no need to worry about how to get there and where to stay. Some Free and Easy package even include airport transfer to hotel, so you’ll be sure you will reach the hotel.
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Hong Kong Visit

It seems like a bit long to spend 4 days in Macau, especially when my family and I are not gamblers, at least for my parents and me. So the casino is a time waster and money waster for us.

And I heard Wai Ling said that a lot of Malaysians going to Hong Kong by ferry from Macau, for just around RM 90 (about USD 25) one way. It’s a very attractive option, and my family agreed to visit Hong Kong too. So we will spend just 1 day in Macau, and another 3 days in Hong Kong.
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