Lonely Planet Hong Kong & Macau Travel Guide

Bought Lonely Planet Hong Kong & Macao Travel Guide at MPH for SGD $35.70, due to hand itchy. Expensive, but cheaper if compare with Lonely Planet guide books on other more exotic destination.

I personally prefer Lonely Planet as I feel that it’s more straight to the point and simple. For in-depth reading and detail background information about a destination, I would look to The Rough Guide or Footprints Travel Guide, which usually bulkier than Lonely Planet. For Hong Kong and Macao, I found a lot of guide books written in Mandarin and Cantonese too in National Library of Singapore, which provides lots of useful information from different perspective from English guide books.

Anyway, later I realized that I wasted the money to buy the guide book. Hong Kong Tourism Board provides lots of brochures with very informative guide, including suggestive itinerary too.

Beside, during Natas Travel 2006 in Suntec, Lonely Planet is selling with 20% discount, plus a lucky dip! Too bad, I just bought the book few days earlier. 🙁