Hotels in Hong Kong

Been busy with works lately, I just had some time to browse and search for hotel to stay in Hong Kong. Singapore-based forum Hardwarezone has a few long and detailed threads about tips and information of visiting Hong Kong. In those thread, forumers recommend lots of hotels to choose from.

Free and Easy package to Hong Kong seems like a more common choice, where travel agency or tour operator will arrange for you the air tickets and accommodation so that you no need to worry about how to get there and where to stay. Some Free and Easy package even include airport transfer to hotel, so you’ll be sure you will reach the hotel.

No matter it’s a Free and Easy package or you’re travelling independently by booking your air ticket and accommodation yourself, the ultimate choice is which hotel to stay. The hotels that are commonly stay by forumers include, with their comments are:

Majestic Hotel (Nearer to MTR)
Kimberley Hotel
Eaton Hotel (Small room-size)
Nathan Hotel
Ritz Carlton Hotel (Good and expensive)
Metropole Hotel (Near Tin Hau MTR, relatively new hotel with good service, was also the hotel where the first Sars-infected tourist from Singapore stayed, who brought back the virus to Singapore and spread it)
Holiday Inn Express (Mid-priced hotel)
Concourse Hotel (Too far away from the happenings)
Dorsett Seaview Hotel (Small room size)
B P International (Centrally located)
Stanford Hotel
Mexan Harbour Hotel (Cheap by star standard rating, but too far from city)
Sheraton Hotel

Most of these is mid-range and mid-budget hotels, which rate priced from HKD 500 onwards. which translates into about SGD 100 and above. Most likely will stay in one of these hotels, although I haven’t make up my mind. It seems like lot less of forumers stayed in those backpacker’s hotel/hostel and cheap guesthouse.

Most of the cheap hostels in Hong Kong concentrate in notorious Chungking Mansion and Mirador Mansion, according to various guide books. I not sure how scary or how bad is the guesthouses there, so most likely will avoid these places, as I am travelling with my parents. Anyway, some hostels mentioned are Yes Inn and Dragon Hostel. May be will stay in Disneyland Hotel or Disneyland’s Hollywood Hotel (cheaper choice)?

Anyway, online reservation of Hong Kong hotel make sense because it’s always deep discounted from published rate, even include those cheaper hostels, unless you want to stay in a very tiny and small hotel room (I would rather call it as cage) that just enough to fit a single bed. Some hotel reservation site include:

Precision Reservations