Hong Kong Visit

It seems like a bit long to spend 4 days in Macau, especially when my family and I are not gamblers, at least for my parents and me. So the casino is a time waster and money waster for us.

And I heard Wai Ling said that a lot of Malaysians going to Hong Kong by ferry from Macau, for just around RM 90 (about USD 25) one way. It’s a very attractive option, and my family agreed to visit Hong Kong too. So we will spend just 1 day in Macau, and another 3 days in Hong Kong.

It will be a very short trip to Hong Kong, for just 3 days. And I feel the total costs adding up is not so ultra cheap too, as it’s approaching almost RM 400 (USD 100) per person. Anyway, it’s a long time since our family travel together, I can’t complain much. Besides, it’s a bit “out of the beaten path” too, or I should say weird, as we’re travelling to Hong Kong from Macau, whereas most tourists do a day trip to Macau from Hong Kong.Â