AirAsia Service Standard

We boarded AirAsia flight AK50 scheduled at 10.30 pm to Macau. The flight was delayed for about 20 minutes, much shorter than I thought. It seems to me that AirAsia’s flights have became much punctual nowadays, as some of the passengers who took the AirAsia’s flights regularly told me. When I travelled to Sabah, Malaysia in 2001, the flights that we took were delayed for 3 hours – to and back!

When on the plane, the chief stewardess apologized for the delay, and then the pilot repeated the apologize again for the flight delay. It would be better if they can replace the apologize with some hot drinks or snacks. 🙂

Anyway, the chief stewardess was the worst that I had seen. She kept grimace face almost the whole flight, just as she was so unwilling to do the job. Other than that, there was not much compliments nor complaints for the service, other than small leg room (space between seat). But I guess it’s the nature of budget airlines.