Finally Buy the Train Tickets to Kuala Lumpur Sentral

As our flight to Siem Reap is at 10 am on 9th August (Wednesday), so a few of us from Singapore have to go to Kuala Lumpur the night before, or take the expensive flight from Singapore to KL on Wednesday morning, as there is not suitably timed flight from Johor Bahru (JB airport is just an hour from Singapore) to KLIA airport.

I have thought of buying the train tickets from Johor Bahru (Tips: Depart from Singapore will need to pay in Singapore Dollars at the same price tag, which converted as more than double expensive at current exchange rate. And beside, JB KTM train station is conveniently located just right outside from Malaysia custom building) a few months back. Bus is the last option as we will arrive in KL at the wee hour. After dragging for more than a month and persistent reminders, I finally bought the train tickets for Jennifer’s couple, Wei Heng and me today, while I was in Johor Bahru. We bought the cheapest class with seat only at RM 20 per person. It’s the best value way to travel between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur if you can sleep with the aircraft economy class-like seat, which is not so reclinable.

Actually the ticket selling for KTM train tickets starts 60 days before departure date, and I should have booked it much earlier. Bit the laziness and business with my other websites caused the delay, not only in buying the train tickets, but also the preparedness on the trip. I haven’t actually start planning on the trip yet. Anyway, luckily the tickets are still available. The train tickets can be booked online too via