AirAsia Tickets Booked

Finally, the air tickets to Cambodia were booked.

AirAsia flies to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh of Cambodia with the following schedules:

Kuala Lumpur -> Siem Reap AK 846 Departure: 10.00 Arrival: 11.05
Siem Reap -> Kuala Lumpur AK 847 Departure: 11:35 Arrival: 14.40

Kuala Lumpur -> Phnom Penh AK 852 Departure: 15.15 Arrival: 16.05
Phnom Penh -> Kuala Lumpur AK 853 Departure: 16.35 Arrival: 19.20

It looks like more worthwhile to fly to Siem Reap and back to Kuala Lumpur from Phnom Penh. With this open jaw flight, we will be able to visit 2 most important cities of Cambodia, and indirectly earn half a day of time there by flying back later in the day.

After spending some time searching, finally found the date which free tickets are available. So I managed to book 9 tickets to fly from KLIA to Siem Reap on 9th August 2006 and back from Phnom Penh to KLIA on 14th August 2006.

The outgoing flight will has taxes of RM 94.00 while the incoming flight will has taxes of USD $14.50 each. It supposed to be all counted in ringgit Malaysia if a flight is originating from Malaysia, but due to the fact that I booked the flights seperately, the one that originated from Phnom Penh is charged in USD.

9 persons will be on board, they’re Poh Ling, her boyfriend Peng Phoon, Wai Ling, her husband Meng Kong, San Yew, his wife Sim Joo, Jennifer, her husband Tai Ping and me. I look a bit weird among all the couples.