Who is the Rich Fellows?

We I booked the AirAsia tickets to Cambodia, I have wondered if how many of the persons committed will not be able to make the trip to waste and donate the money to Air Asia. At the time, I believe it there should be some people who won’t be able to go together to Cambodia.

Now Chung Khoon and Ciline have said they have to waste the free tickets from AirAsia (free tickets still need airport tax and other charges, which I believe, if not used, will go to Air Asia pocket), due to Ciline just found a new job in Singapore and was unable to apply for any leave.

And I just called up San Yew who said he and Sim Joo might not be able to join us to Cambodia too, as he is not sure whether Sim Joo can get her new passport on time or not. Sim Joo lost her old passport and under Malaysia law, new passport will only be issued few months after a police report is lodged. Well, that’s pretty bad, knowingly that the trip has confirmed more than eight months ago. I thought this kind of administrative things would have sorted out long ago.