Destination Bali?

It’s since a long time I have travelled with my family together. So when Wai Ling told me that she was trying to book the air tickets to Macau for her parents, I was very keen to bring my parents too to travel together too.

But too bad, the AirAsia zero fare promotion is extremely hot popular, with most date on the Kuala Lumpur – Macau sector no longer has any free air tickets available.

So we looked for alternative destinations. Bali was mentioned. Bali is a very popular tourist destination in Indonesia. It’s especially popular among Australians. It’s getting popular nowadays among locals due to lower air fares. The distance of Bali from Malaysia is even greater than of Hong Kong and Jakarta, so it’s pretty good deal at RM 143 of taxes and fees only for free tickets.

But when I told my parents, they’re not so keen, due to the bomb attacks at Bali. Personally, I am not so keen to travel to Bali too, as I think it’s more of a luxury travel destination, more expensive and also believe that nothing much I can do in an island, especially when I can’t swim.

However, Bali still on the priority list, unless I can find other more exciting place with cheap air fares.