Change in Travel Plan again

Just discussed with Adeline about the travel itinerary. Due to lack of time and also transport issue, we decided to shortlist the few places we intend to visit, and then work out how best we can fit them into workable schedule. Basically the places include Hanoi (of course), Halong Bay, Sapa and Tam Coc/Hoa Lu. The problem now is will it be too tight to visit them all, and spend too little time in Hanoi and also train ticket issue for day trip to Sapa. I do hope that my friends can help me, as they worked in Hanoi before.
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Vietnam Railways Tickets

We plan to go Sapa, and I guess the best time saving travelling method will be travelling by night, by train. Vietnam Railways is informative in term of schedule only, and not helpful in all other way. Worse, it doesn’t allow online booking. There is no photos, no introduction to classes of the train and etc. It seems like our plan to get to Sapa on the night we arrive at Hanoi is not possible if we cannot get the train tickets before hand.

Some Arguments

Adeline said she wants to stay in single room herself. This leave me in the cool, and the possibility of spending more for the room. I just feel that she and me do have a gap there, we always like to quarrel. May be she has some great idea, which I don’t want to follow. Or may be she just plain doesn’t trust me. Anyway, will try to convince her to save some money.

Still Undecided

Just called Adeline. She looked interested to go to Mai Chau or Sapa for some hiking. I personally thought it’s a bit too short of time. She said will let me decide where to go for excursion. Ok, let’s see.

No Update?

I am pretty busy to update my Egypt and Jordan Travelogue, so I have no time to research about the Vietnam trip yet. Anyway, I am pretty short of choices too, as the time is short, there is simply not much place that we can visit. Anyway, will post our travel itinerary plan once I draft it.

Air Tickets Booked

Just made the payment for the tickets to Hanoi and back to Singapore with Tiger Airways. They’re ticketless and I just received an email for confirmation. Anyway the total fare of SGD $107.96 each person should be the cheapest available as of currently.