AirAsia 2 Million Free Air Tickets

Ai Ling told me that Air Asia is giving out 2 million free air tickets to all over the destinations that AirAsia flies to. She saw it from the ads in MSN Messenger window. It appeared in my MSN Messenger window too, as the bottom tiny row that I hardly noticed.

When I first heard of it, I was kind of skeptic as the free air tickets are excluded of taxes, fees and charges, which they may charge any amount they want, especially the “service charge” component. This is due to my previous experience with Tiger Airways too. When Tiger Airways launched new promotion right after I booked my air tickets to Hanoi, Vietnam, it raised the charges a bit, albeit still the savings was more than cover for it.

But Ai Ling told me that it was not the case. So I randomly checked a few destinations. It seems like it’s true, there is no hidden hike of charges, although I am not sure of what’s the previous charges are. The only thing that I don’t understand is fuel surchage. I thought the AirAsia CEO just recently said that all current year AirAsia’s fuel needs have been hedged?