Easy Way to Check and Find AirAsia Flight Availability with Price

The main problem of wanting to book online via AirAsia homepage, especially when try to grab the promotional price is the way to know which date which flight that the promotional price is still available.

Initially I used a very primitive method to find it out – luck. Select origin and destination cities, then select the departure and return date. Try every date until the price is alright, or else keep trying.

Worse are, firstly, no more than 9 tickets can be bought at one transaction, and secondly, no open jaw tickets allowed (mean you have to fly to and back from the same city).

But now thanks to a user in HardwareZone, there is a simple way to search for the flight in AirAsia, by using the following kind of web address:


There are a few variables that you can change in order to set the date, cities, number of adult and infant ticket, and number of days to search.

m1 and m2 set the starting date to search and the origin and destination cities. The date is in the format of YYYYMMDD, and followed by OOODDD, where OOO is origin city code and DDD is destination city code. See below for the list of city codes that AirAsia flies to.

m1DO and m2DO are to specify number of days to search the flights for. Don’t specify too high number as you may get the error instead.

ADULT and INFANT are to specify the number of adult tickets and infant tickets needed.

With this web address, it’s possible to browse all available for a period of time in a full listing. Beside, it’s possible to buy open jaw tickets too in one transaction, and charge in origin city’s currency. And it’s also possible to book beyong 9 tickets in one go.

City Codes

AOR = Alor Star
DPS = Bali
BPN = Balikpapan
BDO = Bandung
BKK = Bangkok
BTH = Batam
BTU = Bintulu
CNX = Chiang Mai
CEI = Chiang Rai
CRK = Clark (Manila)
HAN = Hanoi
HDY = Hat Yai
IPH = Ipoh
CGK = Jakarta
JHB = Johor Bahru
KKC = Khon Kaen
KBR = Kota Bharu
BKI = Kota Kinabalu T2
KUL = Kuala Lumpur
TGG = Kuala Terengganu
KCH = Kuching
LBU = Labuan
LGK = Langkawi
MFM = Macau
MES = Medan
MYY = Miri
NAK = Nakhon Ratchasima
NAW = Narathiwat
PDG = Padang
PKU = Pekan Baru
PEN = Penang
PNH = Phnom Penh
HKT = Phuket
SDK = Sandakan
SBW = Sibu
REP = Siem Reap
SIN = Singapore
SOC = Solo
SUB = Surabaya
TWU = Tawau
UBP = Ubon Ratchathani
UTH = Udon Thani
XMN = Xiamen