Ta Phin Village

To enter Ta Phin Village, visitors need to pay VND 5,000. To me it was a no-brainer, just like you been asked to pay in order just to get into a city, much more like daylight robbery. Anyway I don’t mind if the money been used to develop the village and their livelihood, which is very much still in native and primitive condition.

Abandon Church
This abandoned old church was located off the road near the admission gate. We didn’t pay much attention to it until a group of French tourists paid it a visit.

Red Dao Girl
After the admission gate, there was still a long way to go before we actually reached Ta Phin village. Actually the village was spread over a long stretch of road. I only noticed that we already arrived at Ta Phin village when there were suddenly hordes of Dao minorities approached us to sell their merchandises. This Red Dao girl however, didn’t join this crowd as she said she had to help her family in the farm. She was in Red Dao traditional costume.

Ta Phin Litigation System
Litigation system in the rice paddy field

Red Dao House in Ta Phin Village
Red Dao house in Ta Phing village

Man of Red Dao Minority
The man of Red Dao minority carried the harvest by simply walking on foot