The Way to Ta Phin Village

Man with Snake
After a short rest at Sapa town, we continued to drive to Ta Phin Village. On the way, I asked this guy for the way to Ta Phin village, didn’t notice that he was actually holding a snake.

Sapa Valley
To get to Ta Phin village we followed the road to Lao Cai, that leaded us to the awesome view of Sapa valley.

Rice Paddy Field
Much of the valley is been cultivated as verdant rice paddy field.

Sapa Ta Phin Village
To get to Ta Phin village, follow the major road to Lao Cai. After about 5 km down the valley, we came to the first T-junction in sight. This is the turning to Ta Phin village. The junction was easily recognizable as they’re few shops beside it, and it was the first side road after a long winding down road. After the turning, it was another long drive along a very narrow path.