Accommodation Reservation Scare

I emailed Golden Temple Villa yesterday for room enquiry. However, I didn’t receive any reply from them by the night. So I called up the hotel to book the accommodation. It’s the owner of the guesthouse Mr Lee that picked up my call. Due to the expensive IDD call rate to Cambodia, I am using cheap VoIP IDD call by ZONE1511 to make the phone call to Cambodia. The call quality was fair, and he was in a very noisy place (or may be it’s due to bad call quality?) Whatsoever, I believed I managed to tell him that we need rooms for 11 persons, although he was having a hard time to copy down my name, and ended up telling me that he will write on the card “11 persons” together to whatever the name of mine he managed to get.

After I called Golden Temple Villa, I emailed them again to confirm about the booking. Never heard anything from them again afterward, until just now, when I received an email reply to my first email enquiry about room availability, stating that Golden Temple Villa is fully booked tomorrow (our first day there), and suggested to us to stay at his (Lee) brother hotel located next door first. So how’s about our reservation?

So it’s either the guesthouse full because of our booking, or the guesthouse is really full even before I made the reservation, and the hotel will arrange an alternative for us, or the guesthouse simply ignore our reservation. We’ll know when we arrive in Siem Reap airport, when we shall know whether the hotel will send representative to pick us up airport.