Arrived On Time but Train Delayed

I was lucky enough to be able to reach JB train station just on time – 11.20pm, helped by fast clearance at Singapore and Malaysia checkpoints and just-in-time bus arrival (if not I will have to run across the 1 km causeway). Everybody else i.e. Chung Khoon, Wei Heng, Jennifer and her husband have been waiting at the KTM station. As expected after rushing, I was sweating all the way.

Anyway the rushing was meaningless, as the train was delayed. It seemed like the train was stuck at Woodlands train checkpoint, even though at the time I reached the Singapore checkpoint for bus passengers, the train has arrived and the train passengers have alighted for custom clearance.

Anway, the KTMB train didn’t arrive until 12 midnight, and only departed for Kuala Lumpur Sentral station after almost 1 hour delay.