Macau Central Hotel

“The tired old Central Hotel has seen better days, but it is just what its name suggests – a short hop northwest of Largo do Senado” – Lonely Planet

That’s what Lonely Planet described Central Hotel in Macau. Central Hotel is very centrally located at Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro (San Ma Lo in Cantonese which means new street), the main street in Macau Peninsula. And it’s less than 50 metres away from Largo do Senado, the main and very charming square in Macau Peninsula.

But it’s also the dirtiest and most ageing hotel I ever stayed. We’re charged MOP $250 for a four-bed rooms (2 rooms linked together) for a half-night (we checked-in only at 3.30 am). It was full rate and no discount for late check-in. Anyway, the rate for most hotels in Macau on weekdays is cheaper than on weekends (Friday and Saturday). The staff of the Macau Central Hotel asked us to squeeze in 5 people into the room, so we’re given only 1 room.

Central Hotel
Reception of Central Hotel. It still looked great and grand at the lobby, with few signs of ageing. The ladies on duty in the morning were much more friendly than the senior that took care of hotel overnight when we checked in. They exchanged small changes for our big face value Hong Kong dollars and gave us the exact coins to drop into the bus fare dropping box. And they exchange HKD for HKD. 🙂

Central Hotel
But the room was very dirty, under-maintained, ageing and horrible. The lighting was dim.