Shopping in Macau Back Alleys and Streets

Macau has even been famous for been a shopping paradise compared with its fame in gambling and casino entertainment. However, if you insists on going on shopping spree in Macau, Central Macau offers plenty of opportunities. Main shopping district in Central Macau all centred around Largo do Senado along Avenida do Infante Dom Henrique and Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro. Other shopping areas include Rua da Palha, Rua do Campo and Rua Pedro Nolasco da Silva. Actually, Macau is pretty small, so most of the places are near to each others.

Shopping in Macau
Shop houses around Rua de Sao Domingos, north of Largo do Senado. Here you can find all sorts of shops selling variety of goods, and of course, delicious food and drink stalls.

Well, if you want shopping mall style, Macau has less choice. The largest department store is New Yaohan at Avenida dd Amizade right opposite the ferry terminal to Hong Kong. Or you may visit Landmark Macau at Avenida da Amizade too or basement shopping arcade in Lisboa Hotel. As you can guess, we gave all these shopping malls a miss.

Streets in Macau
Macau narrow cobbled back lanes and streets Rua da Palha shopping areas. Some of these narrow alleys are used by cars and vehicles. And the streets are not on the flat land, so it’s up and down but luckily my parents still can handle it.