Eating in Macau

After visiting Ruins of St. Paul Church and Monte Fort, it’s about noon time, and it’s time for lunch. On our way back to Central Hotel, we passed through a few open-air street stall (or more commonly known locally as daai paai dawng). But we didn’t eat there, we ate at a small Chinese eatery restaurant instead, as my brother always said “we come to enjoy, so should eat better”.

Lunch in Macau
Hong Wan Noddle House (so called if direct translation) is located at the junction of Rua da Palha and Travessa dos Algibebes, pretty close to the main attraction – the ruins. Although it’s called noddle house, but a lot of locals in the restaurant were having a coffee with toasted bread.

We had some noddle soup for lunch. It’s not Macanese food but Cantonese food I would said. There are plenty of noodle soup to choose from, which varies from type of noodle, ingredients, tastes, flavours and etc but the price is not cheap. It’s about MOP $20 each, just a little cheaper than Hong Kong.

Macau Food Stall
After lunch, we passed through this small shops selling drinks, snacks and pork chop. Looks popular, and Siew Tee bought a pork chop to try at MOP $8.