Macau Museum

Located at Monte Hill which just right to the east of the Ruins of the Church of St Paul, Macau Museum is easily accessible by a series of escalators. Well, that’s a great idea, saving us some leg energy, especially useful to my parents who are a bit tired.

Esclator to Monte Hill and Macau Museum
The starting point of the escalator that leads to Macau Museum and Monte Hill.

Bird lover with his pet birds in the hanger
While on the way to the escalator, we saw a Macau bird lover hanging the hanger with his pet birds to a tree (or taken it down?), while the bird chirped away merrily on the hanger. What a lovely and relaxing sight.

Macau Museum
Entrance to the Macau Museum which located within Monte Fort. Admission fee MOP $15 for adult and MOP $8 for junior, with free admission on 15th of month. We gave Macau Museum a miss, as we’re rushing our way in order to go to Hong Kong, and most of my family were not interested in museum.

Well, if you do interest in Macau Museum, take a look at Museu de Macau homepage, where you can have a glimpse into the collections and exhibitions in the museum.

Escalator to Monte Fort
The escalator doesn’t end at Macau Museum. It continues to bring visitors to Monte Fort on the top of Monte Hill.

Museu de Macau
Museu de Macau exterior on the Monte Fort.