Different Dinners – Cha Ca and Bun Bo

Cha Ca La Vong
I initially agreed with Adeline to have dinner at Cha Ca La Vong, at Pho Cha Ca, which is very famous. But after saw the price of VND 70,000, I felt it’s too much expensive and decided to give it a miss, and located other cha ca shop instead.

Cha Ca
Adeline prefered to dine at Cha Ca La Vong, and here the dishes of cha ca.

Bun Bo
I tried to locate a cha ca shop at Duong Thanh. However, the shop no longer existed. So I settled my dinner with Bun Bo Nam Bo at 65 Hand Dieu, which made of wheat noodles tangled up with citrus-scented herbs, beefs, peanuts and lime juice for around VND 15,000.