Xich Lo (Cyclo)

In the Xich Lo
Due to the very hot weather, we decided not to walk back to our hotel. So we decided to take either a taxi, motorcycle (xe may or xe om) or xich lo (3-wheeled pedicab or trishaw) to go back. After leaving Four Pillars of Temple of Literature, a xich lo driver was approaching us. We bargained from VND 50,000 to VND 20,000. It was very interesting and exciting to see how xich lo managed to find a winding route among so many traffic on the road.

Xich Lo
The Xich Lo and the driver. At the end, we paid him VND 10,000 more. The whole fare of VND 30,000 was excessive, while normally VND 5,000 is enough. But I was appreciative as I was getting unbearable with the heat.