Destination Macau

It seemed like AirAsia is releasing free seats in stages instead of at once. Few days back I checked free seat availability for flight between Kuala Lumpur and Macau, and most has not available (only few scattering date available).

However, when I checked again just now, a lot more of date has shown free seats available. This is a great opportunity, as I am not so keen to travel to Bali, and I believe my parents will be more enjoyable in Macau than in Bali.
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Destination Bali?

It’s since a long time I have travelled with my family together. So when Wai Ling told me that she was trying to book the air tickets to Macau for her parents, I was very keen to bring my parents too to travel together too.

But too bad, the AirAsia zero fare promotion is extremely hot popular, with most date on the Kuala Lumpur – Macau sector no longer has any free air tickets available.
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Wei Heng Joins Me, Again

It has been a long time I met and contact with Wei Heng. She is so busy with her work and study. I didn’t put much hope when I asked her whether she would like ot join me to Cambodia. So to my surprise, she agreed to join up again with me after the trip to Egypt and Jordan two years back. I am so happy that I’ll be able to travel with her again as I thought it won’t happen anymore.
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More Free Tickets Booked

Initially Chung Khoon had expressed his interest to join me to Cambodia. But AirAsia’s online booking system has a limit of booking maximum 9 tickets in a transaction. So I am not so sure if the free seats for the same itineraries will still available or not on the second transaction. So when he said he doesn’t go if okay then I was sort of relief.
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